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The Socio-Intellectual Foundations of Malek Bennabi

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Since the publication of Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations >concern about civilization has been reintroduced into the debate on the world order. Malek Bennabi (1905-1973), prominent Algerian thinker and great Muslim intellectual, focused on unravelling the causes of Muslim decline and the success of Western civilization and culture. The key problem he theorized lay not in the Quran or Islamic faith but in Muslims themselves. The author investigates Bennabi’s approach to civilization and the fundamental principles drawn, using metatheorising methodology. In doing so he sheds further light on perhaps one of the more intriguing elements of Bennabi’s theory, that civilization is governed by internal-external and social-intellectual factors and that an equation can be generated for civilization itself. This equation of Man Soil Time = Civilization of which religion, according to Bennabi, forms the all important catalyst, is explained and its significance in terms of the reversal of Muslim decline evaluated. What is clearly apparent is that for Bennabi, Man is the central force in any civilizing process and without him the other two elements are of no value.

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