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The Resurrection and Afterlife

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Thanks to the advances of modern science, we have an ever-increasing appreciation of just what an amazing creation our universe is. Even the knowledge that scientists and doctors continue to gather about our bodies stagger our imaginations. We see miracles repeated so many times that we take them for granted; the changes of the seasons, rain from the clouds, the growth of flowers and trees, and the soil’s production of all kinds of fruit. We look around us and see the fantastic abundance of animate and inanimate life: animals, geological features, water, fish, stars and so on. Any person given to reflection must wonder what purpose all of creation serves. Does everything exist for a while and then disappear into nothingness? Or, is it here for a while and then transformed into something eternal? Of course, this question includes humanity. Where are we headed, and what will happen to us when we get there? Basing himself on Said Nursi’s ‘Risale-i Nur’, Ali Unal presents a scientific and logical argument for the validity of one of religion’s main elements of faith: belief in the resurrection and the afterlife

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