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The Image of Islamic Civilization

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This book is based on the thesis that every civilization is a distinct one. Islamic civilization revolves around the concept of the Unity of God. Hence its art represents the abstract concept of unity and rejects representational art; instead it emphasizes the beauty of abstract forms, such as calligraphy, geometrical patterns and vegetal ornaments. Islamic polity attributes the concept of sovereignty to God and assigns mankind the role of God’s representative (Khalifah) on earth. In economics, Islam rejects usury (riba) as principles designed to exploit the poor. In the domain of intellect there is no contradiction between Islam and science. Moreover, Islam elevates the pursuit of science and knowledge of all kinds as an act of divine worship (ibadah). This explains why in its heyday, Islamic civilization, championed the cause of science and religious education, law and literature as worthy endeavours. It even cultivated new and challenging branches of foreign language, such as philosophy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, trigonometry, algebra, botan and medicine and made significant contributions to these branches of human sciences.

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