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Reflections on the Qur’an: Understanding Surahs Al-Fatihah and Al-Baqarah

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IRFAN AHMAD KHAN (b.1931) in India, graduated in Islamic Sciences and Classical Arabic from Rampur and received his M.A. in Philosophy from AMU (1958) where he taught Western Philosophy, and Theology (1958 – 1973). In 1974, he moved to USA, where he obtained Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of Illinois at Chicago and taughtWestern and Islamic Philosophy at various institutions in USA. During the last fifty years Dr. Khan’s reflections upon Qur’anic ayat continued with his own involvement with the problems of the humanity and the Ummah. And mainly during the last thirty years he has been working with the graduates of the Western universities in developing a methodology of understanding the Qur’an.

“…the author’s approach to figure out the logic which binds certain verses in surah to one theme, and all the themes of the surah to each other, represents a genuine and valuable contribution to the library of Tafsir, which makes the Qur’an and its message more comprehensible to the readers: Muslims or non-Muslims….” — Dr. Fathi Osman.

“With a deliberate informality of style, Dr. Khan helps the reader along by drawing attention to the principal issues, by explicating key terms, by bringing out aspects of conceptual coherence, (and) by pointing out trajectories of reflection….” — Professor Mustansir Mir, Youngstown State University, USA.

“…Your commentary…has provided me with insight into the nature and purpose of Qur’anic revelation, into the main values and crucial perspectives of the Islamic faith, and into the meaning of what it means to be human…” — Dr. A. H. Mathias Zahniser, Professor Emeritus of World Religions, Asbury Theological Seminary; Wilmore, KY, USA.

“…In his textual study of the verses of the Qur’an, in his detailed exegetical notes Dr. Khan meticulously studies the significance, importance, meaning and suggestiveness of the specific Qur’anic words and expressions.” — Dr. Fazlur Rahman, Professor of Tafsir and other Islamic Sciences, AMU Aligarh, IIIU Kuala Lumpur and Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia.

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