• Logic and Critical Thinking

Logic and Critical Thinking

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Logic and Critical Thinking: An Introduction for Muslim Students is the product of the author’s years of experience providing training in core thinking skills for an ethnically diverse range of mostly Muslim students, in the Arabian Gulf.  While the basic principles of good reasoning entail at least an aspiration to universality, their presentation will invariably reflect a specific cultural context.  This book responds to the need for a critical thinking curriculum free of the uncritical western cultural and ideological presumptions present in much of the currently available material, the effect of which is to assert (implicitly if not explicitly) that the use of logic and reason is an exclusively western cultural practice.  This textbook presents reason and the life of the mind as both universal and an integral feature of the Islamic intellectual and cultural heritage, but makes it operational in contemporary Muslim life by approaching the subject properly, as a set of intellectual skills requiring rigorous practice rather than simply a historical or theoretical subject matter. The book facilitates a 12-week course, divided into three sections (basic concepts, deduction, and induction) with a variety of carefully designed exercise sets at the end of each weekly section.

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