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Fate and Predestination

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FATE AND PREDESTINATION, is one of a series of books written by Sheikh Al-Sharawi. (Who is one of the most eminent scholars in Egypt and well received in the Muslim World) to deal with specific religions questions in acomprehensive and definitive manner. In them he explains all the different aspects of the topic involved, removes any misconceptions which have grown up around it and clarifies any difficulties. This book is particularly important in that it covers the subject matter of the last of the muslim’s “pillars of belief”, belief in the Divine Decree. A correct understanding of this matter is absolutely necessary if we wish to know how existence really functions and what our place in it is. There is very little in English dealing with this vital topic, which has been the subject of so much debate and difficulty throughout the ages, and this volume therefore is essential reading for all who want to deepen and clarify their understanding of it.

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Shaykh Mahammad M.Al-Sharawi